Our New Year’s Day

So, I get a call at work yesterday with SMM (Sergeant Major Mommy) telling me that Archie swallowed something and the ambulance is on the way. I head home immediately and see the ambulance pulling away from the house. I go to the hospital to be with SMM and the little guy. They are in the ER. Archie is all hunched over and totally not himself. He’s drooling and very pale. They’ve taken some x-rays and work on taking more. His pulse and blood pressure are up a little. He is obviously stressed, though just short of shock. I get a moment to talk with him and try to relax him by telling him stories of when I was a kid and all the trauma I went through. He responds by asking questions and then smiling a little. Blood pressure and pulse begin going down. A ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) pediatric specialist is called and arrives about 20 minutes later. He does some tests and it appears that whatever Archie swallowed has headed south to his stomach which puts it in direct line for elimination eventually. Archie starts becoming more active and interactive. The drs. release him and we bring him home waiting for the trouble to pass (literally), though it may take up to two days. How was everybody else’s first day of the new year?