Succulent Wild Love Review



Succulent Wild Love: Six Powerful Habits for feeling more love more often by Sark and Dr. John Waddell.

New World Library, 2015.


This is a different type of book about love. Sark the author, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, says “This is not a normal book.” I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw the title: Succulent Wild Love. Is it a double entendre? The quick answer is No.

The real answer is that even the book is succulent – juicy, moist and tasty. Sark and her new husband, Dr. John Waddell, have a created a way of life and love that you can sink your teeth into. “This book provides a nourishing foundation for all of your relationships.” Even the relationship with yourself.

To be truthful with you, I hesitate to go into too much detail because I want you to experience your growth new and fresh.

The authors take you on a journey of exploration, discovery, recognition, understanding, reconciliation, healing, overcoming fear, creation, resolution and more. It is not a normal book even in the way it is written. Sark uses her own way to communicate and Dr. John uses his way, both are vital and complimentary. Chapters flow from one facet of love and relationships to another smoothly and easily. At the end of each chapter are Awareness Practices which help the reader identify and become aware of their thoughts and feelings.

Will this book change your life? I suppose that’s up to you. Has it changed me? It certainly has given me a new way to look at my life, my loves and my relationships. I am constantly going back to it and looking things up. You can even pick it up and open to any page and become instantly entranced in the subject, which is really you. Give credit to the authors for their writing style because you will immediately trust them because of their openness and sincerity.   Did I mention that reading it is also fun? When was the last time you heard that about a book?

Give it a try. I realize not everybody will be pre-disposed to read a book about love. Ok, duly noted. Now, pick the book up and start reading. You just might learn something new or see something in a fresh way. That is the power of this book.

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